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The ultimate live video recorder for everyone looking to take their video conferencing to a new level

Visicom Media Inc. |
updated on April 17, 2023
117.5mb | demo


Free to use with limited functionality
Difficult to number everything you can do with the app
Combine multiple video sources in layers and panels
Add interesting effects, lower-thirds, and backgrounds for the ultimate experience
Record videos, take snapshots and stream everything on popular platforms
Take your video conferencing to a whole new level


A bit expensive for individuals
Window flickering noticed when screen sharing
Price: $
With more and more meetings, conferences, and lectures being moved online, the importance of high-quality live video creation is crucial if you want to deliver unique, professional footage for any occasion. ManyCam is a software that promises to help you with this.

ManyCam is a webcam app that allows users to combine multiple video sources, switch between them with ease, and stack several useful widgets inside a single video to help users deliver a stunning video presentation. You can use ManyCam to record your video footage, stream it using a virtual webcam over other clients, such as Skype or Google Meet, or stream to online streaming platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.

ManyCam has so many features it's difficult to mention all of them. When it comes to the source of the video, it can come from your webcam but it can also be an IP camera, a mobile app, a window on your PC, a YouTube video, and many more. You can use multiple panels for each video source and switch between them to give your audience a unique take on video conferencing. Each panel can have several layers that stack on one another. For instance, you have the video source set to your webcam and stack images, emojis, and other interesting effects. Make sure you check them all out! We loved adding a lower-third to our webcam which made things appear very professional.

This tool offers so many different ways to make your video presentations stand out. Combining multiple video sources with layer stacking, picture-in-picture setups, and various effects, masks, and filters you can try out has never been easier and it has never looked so good. If you decide to step up your game and purchase ManyCam for $30 - $80 for annual licenses or $70 - $150 for lifetime licenses, you will find more interesting features. For instance, you can change your background with plenty of interesting ones and appear to call in from exotic locations. Also, purchasing a plan enables you to get rid of the "ManyCam" watermark from your webcam.

ManyCam offers various technicalities like changing the framerate of the video, video quality, zoom level, and other color adjustment settings. It offers great integration with multiple streaming platforms and it can even use hardware acceleration. You can easily take snapshots and record video from within the app. More features are unlocked once you purchase a plan so if you really want to take your video conferencing on another level, we recommend you do it!
Reviewed by (editor rating 5 out of 5 starsEditor's pick Sooftware editor's pick

Additional info

Minimum requirements

• Intel Core i3
• 2 GB RAM
• Graphics card drivers must be up-to-date
• Internet Connection

Licence limitations

• Various limitations like watermark, no HD resolution, 2 video sources limitation, etc.

Operating system


Supported languages

Available in multiple languages


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